Thomas The Tank Engine

The Rev. W. Awdry The Railway Series Complete Thomas the Tank Engine 1-26

The Rev. W. Awdry The Railway Series Complete Thomas the Tank Engine 1-26
The Rev. W. Awdry The Railway Series Complete Thomas the Tank Engine 1-26

The Rev. W. Awdry The Railway Series Complete Thomas the Tank Engine 1-26

Thomas The Tank Engine, The Railway Series 1-26. The Three Railway Engines - The Three Railway Engines is the first book in the famous "Railway Series" by the Rev.

In it he tells of Edward, Gordon and Henry who lived in the same shed and who were always boasting and quarrelling amongst themselves until, after a series of adventures, they found that it is best to be good friends and to help each other. Thomas the Tank Engine - Thomas is a fussy, cheeky little tank engine whom we meet here for the first time. He proves to be such a Really Useful Engine that he is given a Branch Line all to himself. James the Red Engine - In these stories James, who has been given a shining new coat of red paint to cheer him up after his accident, gets hiccoughs, needs a bootlace, has trouble with his trucks and pulls the Express after Gordon loses his way.

Tank Engine Thomas Again - You will remember that, in the book Thomas the Tank Engine, Thomas was given a branch line all to himself. Here he is proudly running up and down his branch line - and the Fat Controller is keeping his eye on him as usual! Thomas still finds trouble, but he also makes some new friends and all turns out happily in the end. Troublesome Engines - This book tells how Henry meets an elephant and James spins round like a top, how the Fat Controller deals with the bigger engines who are Getting Above Themselves and being troublesome, and how a new engine called Percy comes to the rescue by running away. Henry the Green Engine - Henry the Green Engine has now recovered from his silly habit of staying inside tunnels whenever it rains, but he is still causing trouble to that strict but kind-hearted Fat Controller.

All turns out well, however, and Henry has new and refreshing adventures with his fellow engines Thomas, Gordon, Edward, James and Percy. Toby the Train Engine - With Henrietta and some trucks rattling behind him, Toby ran along beside roads and through villages and fields with passengers and goods for the main line. Then suddenly his line was closed. Here you will read how he was helped. Gordon the Big Engine - Gordon, that proud and pompous Express Engine, appeared in all the earlier books in this series, but this is the first time that he has had a book named after him. Edward the Blue Engine - Edward, who appeared with Gordon and Henry in The Three Railway Engines (the first book in this Railway Series), here has a book to himself.

He is once again joined in his adventures by Gordon and Henry together with James the Red Engine, Bertie the Bus, and a new friend called Trevor, who is a Traction Engine. And, of course, the Fat Controller is here too! Four Little Engines - The Rev.

Awdry introduces four new engines. All are small engines running on their own special line, and they are looked after by the Thin Controller.

Percy the Small Engine - Percy, the Small Engine, is a Saddle-Tank Engine with a lively personality who has had many adventures. Some of them are described in these stories, in which we also meet a newcomer - the Duck; and, as usual, there is much activity on the Line, especially when Harold the Helicopter comes on to the scene. The Eight Famous Engines - All of the Fat Controller's eight famous engines appear in this book. Cheeky Percy is taught a lesson, Gordon takes a trip to London, and then all the engines are shown in an exhibition. How proud they were too, especially the Fat Controller.

Duck and the Diesel Engine - Duck, the saddle-tank engine, has appeared earlier in the series but this is the first time he has had a whole book to himself. As usual, he has fun with the other engines, and a newcomer, the Diesel Engine.

Diesel is a troublemaker and soon after his arrival makes Duck unpopular with the other engines. The Little Old Engine - This book tells of what happened when Skarloey came home after being mended. You will remember rom Four Little Engines that Sir Handel Brown, the Owner, had sent him away. Skarloey is not real, but there is a real engine just like Skarloey. He is very, very old and has been mended.

His name is Talyllyn, and he lives at Towyn in Wales. The Twin Engines - The Fat Controller ordered one goods engine from Scotland and was surprised and disturbed to rescue two, called Donald and Douglas. Unfortunately they had lost their numbers, and they were identical twins. You can imagine the confusion they caused, for no one could tell which was which. Branch Line Engines - As the author says, We never have a dull moment on our Branch Line. First Thomas got into trouble and then a Diesel Rail-car called Daisy came to do his work. She then caused trouble, Toby chased a bull, Percy added to the problems. And so it went on until the Fat Controller came to the rescue, and all ends happily. Gallant Old Engine - In Four Railway Engines, brave Rheneas was put on a truck to be mended.

He has been away for a long time, but now is coming home, and all the Little Engines will be together at last. Stepney The "Bluebell" Engine - Duck, Edward, Thomas and all the engines on the Fat Controller's line are delighted when Stepney comes to visit them from the famous Bluebell Railway - a real railway where old engines can find a Use and a Happy Home. They are all soon firm friends, and before he goes Stepney shows a scornful big Diesel just what an old engine can do! (Illustrations Guvnor & Peter Edwards). Mountain Engines - Culdee and his friends are the engines on a different kind of railway - a mountain railway, not far from Skarloey's Line.

The Mountain Line is steep, and there is trouble when Lord Harry becomes conceited and takes too many risks. But he learns his lesson and he, too, helps to prove that, whatever the weather, mountain engines Will Get Through.

Very Old Engines - One hundred years ago when Skarloey and Rheneas first arrived on their railway, they were young and silly. Skarloey was sulky and bouncy. But they soon learned sense and have given regular service ever since; and now the Owner gives them a wonderful hundredth birthday, in which the other engines join. Main Line Engines - On the Fat Controller's Railway trucks disappear, some bees escape, and a green hat is mistaken for the Guard's flag! Two new mischievous twin engines, Bill and Ben, are introduced to the system and BoCo the Diesel is a newcomer too, but how useful he proves to be.

Small Railway Engines - This book introduces the new Controller, called the Small Controller; a new branch line called the Small Railway; and new engines Rex, Bert and Mike. Enterprising Engines - Flying Scotsman visits the Fat Controller's Railway and Henry is jealous because he has two tenders. Duck makes Henry look silly, but it is Henry who rescues the passengers when the diesels break down.

Douglas helps Oliver escape from the Other Railway, and Duck's Branch Line gets a new name. Oliver the Western Engine - The Fat Controller has re-opened a Branch Line on which Duck works, and is joined by Oliver, a Great Western Engine who is saved from the scrap heap. Duke the Lost Engine - Introducing an engine called Duke, who was lost in his own shed for twenty-two years because of a landslide. He looks like a real engine called Prince which runs at Portmadoc in Wales. Tramway Engines - More stories about Thomas' Branc Line, including the stories of Percy's Woolly Bear and Toby's Tightrope and the one Thomas didn't want to put in - the story of Thomas' Ghost.

Kenney, Guvnor & Peter Edwards. 1st Published 1945 (This Edition 1st Published 2002) 2002 Gullane. I'm also always open to offers just send me your requests.

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  • Book Title: Railway Series No. 1: the Three Railway Engines
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    Wilbert Vere Awdry

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The Rev. W. Awdry The Railway Series Complete Thomas the Tank Engine 1-26